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Get to know us and share the adventure

We help our clients dare to explore what is holding them back, by enabling them to walk towards their vision and discover their true capability.

The How To Crew have over 100 years of experience working with businesses in four continents in Business Transformation: strategic planning, people engagement, process improvement, project and change management.  

Our story

We have been working together since 2015 and in 2019 we decided to leave the corporate world and embark on this exciting journey together so that we can make a difference on a bigger and wider scale.


What connects us as individuals is our Team WHY, which is:

to build meaningful relationships so that together we solve the unsolvable

Our Business Transformation solutions have made improvements worth more than $70 million and removed 70,000 hours of waste for our customers.

The How To crew DNA

In 2019, we readied ourselves to experience ‘Discomfort’. A discomfort that, through experience, we knew would include a whole lot of fear but would simply be the beginning of a journey of Expansion - together. It’s not our first time. We’re Expats. And because of that, we have an unspoken code: We all know what it’s like to leave the nest - to go to a far flung foreign land and suddenly feel alone. So when you find a kindred spirit - that person who has also taken the plunge to push so far out of their comfort zone that their family don’t even share a timezone; those friends become family.

We have our own values system. Based on loyalty, pride, a protective, supportive and caring ethos. We like to think of our clients as part of our extended family - and hopefully, they feel the same.



To coach guide and mentor with a view to extract the best possible outcomes. To counsel and suggest sensible options and restore confidence. We promise to be the people who help you to solve the unsolvable, refuse to let you fail where others have failed before. To help you feel secure while you move beyond your comfort zone and gain empowerment for yourself.



To give brutally honest opinions, ask the hard questions and insist on truthful answers. To offer practical advice and opinions and find the most uncomplicated path and avoid pitfalls. We promise not to hold back with our honest opinion of where your business needs to change tack. We know that growth only comes from discomfort and meaningful relationships come from a place of trust and care



To not only understand your business but believe in it and in your team. We promise to have the sensitivity to get to know you and what drives you. This allows us to be your champions, to help you stay focused and on track to deliver value, even when you have lost faith. We will encourage your success by designing solutions aligned to your vision of success



To help you question and challenge your assumptions. We promise to create a safe and respectful platform and to lift you up. This safety zone enables you to confidently embrace the discomfort needed to do what you do best, as this is what we do best.

Our extended team of partners

Here at How To, we believe that collaboration is the key to success. We have partnered with like minded businesses to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions.

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