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Solve problems sustainably

We are experts in diagnostics and capability build. We get results quickly because of our methodology, enabling us to support you with a variety of approaches at speed. We facilitate a  range of diagnostic tools to help you discover your business’ hidden potential and make a practical plan to reach these benefits. We will work with you to sustainably develop the needed capabilities at your own pace.

Services Tailored To Your Needs

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For Me

We run open group workshops where you can join with others who share a common vision and move towards it together in a supportive environment. 

For a more exclusive approach, we offer 1 on 1 coaching programs. 

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For My Team

Tailored for your team or your whole business, our diagnostic workshops get the team on the same page. We help you to dig deep and solve the unsolvable once and for all.

Independent Diagnostics For Sustainable Problem Solving

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How To De-Risk Value

In this session, we pressure test your initiative against the 7 most common reasons for underachieving Return On Investment. We help you hit your business case promises by avoiding mistakes made by other projects. and this is born out of data from 100’s of Post Investment Reviews.

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How To Get There

In this half day workshop our expert facilitators will bring you on the journey so that you can focus stress free. We encourage and support you through conversations that are sometimes uncomfortable but will always leave you feeling in control and clear. 

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How To Discover Your WHY

The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us. In this workshop our expert facilitators will take on on a journey to discover your personal or team WHY as detailed in Simon Sinek's book "Find Your Why",

Focus On Capability On Your Terms

How To Consulting are business coaches operating out of Auckland NZ, specialising in building capability and empowering people for sustainable performance improvement. What we