Online 'How To De-Risk Value'

This is our signature facilitated risk profiling up to 12 participants

  • 1 hour
  • 2,500 New Zealand dollars
  • Online session

Service Description

In this session, we pressure test your initiative against the 7 most common reasons for underachieving Return On Investment. We help you hit your business case promises by avoiding mistakes made by other projects and this is born out of data from 100’s of Post Investment Reviews. Who needs this? Customers who asked us to facilitate a 'How To De-Risk Value' assessment did so because they were feeling uneasy, anxious even stressed about a key initiative that needed to be successful for their business' growth. Being aware of the risks and putting actions in place to avoid them whilst delivering the project can be overwhelming. We understand that and we are here to help. Why is this needed now? Current uncertainty and economic disruption is resulting in strained resources and the need to re-prioritise investment. If your business is under pressure to deliver more or is temporarily on hold, you will need to rethink, refresh and reset your investment strategy to get back on your feet as fast as possible. Now is a good time to assess your initiatives. This will give you clarity to make informed decisions so that your business can thrive post COVID-19. How does it work? You arrange for the correct people (max 12) to be in a call for an hour. Make sure you that every participant has access to a screen (i.e. joining the meeting through the provided link instead of calling a number to join). Two members of our How To Crew will facilitate the online session. At the end of it you will see how you have rated yourselves and the next day we will send a report with added commentary based on the session. What will the session be like? We know from assessing hundreds of projects that the process could make attendees feel uncomfortable for the following reasons: -Discovering risks you didn't know and haven't thought about -Hearing the views and concerns of others -Having to agree on current status -Realising what needs to be done to achieve return on investment At the end, you will feel empowered and in control because you know what needs focus, you can act on it and re-assess to validate that these actions worked. What's next? If you feel confident that your team can manage the change then all we ask is for you to re-assess regularly. However if you need external assistance our team is here to support yours in any of those 7 areas. We will do that using our Sustain plans to ensure that the capability that we will bring in, lives bring in, lives on long after we're gone.

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