How to go from good to great team engagement in 5 steps

Updated: Apr 24

How is it that some teams are just so much better?

To be better takes not just skill but respect for one another, trust, love, connectedness, and a passion for a common purpose. We met one such team in Eastern Suburbs Gymnastics Club (ESGC). They knew who they used to be and decided to change. They knew the new ethos they wanted, they needed to put it into words and develop process to bring it to life. We were proud to have facilitated this journey for them. We all loved the outcome, so we decided to share some insights to help you go from a good to a great team engagement in five steps.

Step 1. Know the importance of great team engagement

Businesses spend a lot of time, effort, and money on improving engagement. Some of it is allocated to understand how people feel about work by rolling surveys, polls and having formal conversations. More is invested in training, meetings and team activities aimed at improving engagement resulting from the diagnostic. Even more is spent on fixing disengagement problems such as unexpected recruitment, on-boarding, and dispute resolution. Not as much is spent on purpose, the WHY the company does what it does and how the people who work there are connected to it.

Research tells us that humans are motivated the most when working together towards a bigger purpose. Whilst understanding, improving, and managing engagement is important, having a clearly articulated business WHY is a critical element to form highly engaged teams. It enables current and future employees, customers, collaborators, and providers to emotionally connect.