How To Connect To Your Purpose In 5 Steps

Updated: Apr 24

Are you feeling depleted, a bit lost, not as joyful as you have been or want to be? You may sense that something is missing or that you are disconnected from your true purpose.

We believe that everyone has a purpose, a calling, a WHY. You might not consciously know it yet, but it’s there within us, waiting for us to connect to it. At the risk of sounding cheesy or cliche, you can only ‘hear’ your purpose once you tune in to your true self.

Here are 5 steps to help you (re)connect with yourself and your purpose.

Step 1. Know that you have a WHY

Everyone has a WHY. If you know yours, have articulated it and are living it every day then congratulations. Keep up the good vibes. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, keep calm and try this.

The other day one of our team attended Simon Sinek’s virtual live show where he shared this fun and insightful exercise. It’s called the ‘friend’s test’.

Ask a friend, who you love and they love you, (not partner or sibling) “why are we friends?”

At first, they will describe the