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We know that the magic happens when we challenge our status quo. At How To Consulting we've created a methodology based on science and our experience of it. We don’t just know the science, we bring it to life for you. In fact, we have been training and practicing this for over 100 years between us!

Our diagnostics, coaching, facilitation and process improvement are scientifically designed to help you expand your comfort zone and overcome confirmation bias when going through business change.

Based On Science

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Using A Scientific Approach

Our independent diagnostics lead you through a structured scientific process. Making thorough observations to describe a problem, creating, testing and measuring hypothesis (predictions), drawing robust conclusions from the evidence and refining the hypothesis to achieve the best solutions. We look for innovative ways to measure critical behaviours so there is no doubt about the impact of the change.

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Expanding the Comfort Zone

If we want to  grow, make progress and achieve the unimaginable then we need to step out of our comfort zone and that is where we experience our best performance. In this new zone we have a heightened level of discomfort, stress and also motivation. But here's the catch, when we extend our stress level beyond the performance zone, our fight /flight/freeze response kicks in and we can't perform anything other than automatic reactions. At How To. we understand how to support the expansion of your comfort zone and have created tools that provide a safe platform for you to steadily grow whilst maintaining the creativity you need to progress. 

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Beat The Confirmation Bias

Research on confirmation bias proves that we tend to subconsciously look for information validating our pre-conceived ideas. How To. bring an independent diagnostic so you can challenge what you think you know and and consider factors outside of your existing knowledge and experience. Robust and independent diagnosis eliminates persisting problems, leading to desired outcome in less time, less money and without the emotional toll and burnout that you get from self diagnosis.

Bringing Science to Life

The How To team are never happier than when we combine our experience and science. We bring it to life for our clients through our facilitated workshops and coaching programs. By using our methodology and process, you reap the rewards of your hard work in a faster and sustainable manner. It's your 'ah ha' moments that we get out of bed for. We love guiding you in discovering the obstacle that hasn't been considered before and in moving it swiftly out of the way to make better informed decisions.

Our team's expertise sits across multiple disciplines such as continuous improvement, project management, change management and coaching which we've practiced working in various industries. Great! But what does it have to do with confirmation bias, comfort zone and using a scientific approach? The answer is everything.

Through out our experience, individually and as a team, we've observed how confirmation bias can dangerously put the success of a strategy or initiative at risk of failing. Making key decisions without exploring risks, dependencies, resources and perceptions outside of our own can lead you into the path of rework or worse write-offs. This is true whether it's delivering a project, embedding a change or improving a process.

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Continuous Improvement

Six Sigma, Lean

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