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Embrace the discomfort 

How To Consulting are independent diagnostic specialists. The How To Crew work with individuals and teams to deliver a thorough diagnosis of what you want to achieve, what is getting in the way and a robust plan, uplifting you beyond your wildest dreams. We coach you to build new skills and knowledge so that next time you can do it on your own with confidence. What we do is proven to work and has driven outcomes that locked in performance improvements worth millions of dollars. If you feel a spark of motivation, inquire today to achieve your goals.

Build Sustainable Performance Improvement  

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De-Risk investment

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Achieve the vision

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Find your purpose

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Business coaching

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Redundancy support

Engaging Diagnostics

Sustainable Capability Build Solutions

Plan From Clarity

Get clarity on what is important, feel connected and empowered to achieve the unimaginable together. 


Live With Purpose

Find focus and passion when you understand what motivates and drives you everyday.


Maximise ROI

Make timely, strategic, data-driven investment decisions by pressure testing your initiative.


Grow On Your Terms

Curate your perfect subscription for expert advice exactly when you need it. 


The Methodology Behind Everything 

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You may have heard that New Zealand listens to science, well at How To Consulting, we're in New Zealand and we also listen to science. Our tools are created using a scientific approach to expand your comfort zone in a sustainable way providing a stable environment to maximise progress and grow with confidence not fear. 

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Combing science with experience gives you the real 3D outcome.  It is like understanding the science behind G force for instance, and then experiencing it. At How To Consulting, we use our years of experience practicing across 4 continents to relate to our clients' journeys and support them through growth and success.    

Contact Us

The How To Crew work in New Zealand and virtually everywhere in the world. To ask about our independent diagnosis and capability development services, send us a message using the form below or get in touch with one of the team.


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