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Dig deep and explore your limits

Have you made a commitment to be your best self? Do you have a burning desire to achieve a goal? Our group workshops bring together like-minded people to dig deep, make a plan and reach their vision or Find Your WHY.  

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Share The Adventure In Group Workshops

How To Get There

How To Get There' is a half day workshop that describes your vision. Our expert facilitators will bring you on the journey so that you can focus stress free. We will encourage and support you through conversations that are sometimes uncomfortable but will always leave you feeling in control and clear. Focusing on what is important to you, will give you pride in the outcome and commitment to achieving the plan.

How To Discover Your WHY

The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us. This is a one day workshop facilitated by us, as detailed in Simon Sinek's book "Find Your Why", to discover your personal WHY.

Applied Examples

Solo Entrepreneur

Get clarity on what is important, feel connected and empowered to achieve the unimaginable together. 

Live With Purpose

Find focus and passion when you understand what motivates and drives you everyday.

Individual WHY

Make timely, strategic, data-driven investment decisions by pressure testing your initiative.

Grow On Your Terms

Curate your perfect subscription for expert advice exactly when you need it. 


Develop Capability With Our 1 On 1 Coaching Programs

How To Consulting are business coaches operating out of Auckland NZ, specialising in building capability and empowering people for sustainable performance improvement. 

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Our How To Get There 1 on 1 Coaching sessions help you create and  commit yourself to your future vision, give you a process, a plan to navigate and ongoing support on your journey to get there.

How To Discover Your WHY

1 on 1 Coaching Program

You want to be the best version of yourself in a job you love, in a team you connect with. You will find this focus and passion when you understand what motivates and drives you everyday.  In this program we use Simon Sinek’s process to discover your WHY and give ongoing support to bring it to life.

How To Get There

1 on 1 Coaching Program