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To accelerate NZ businesses change journey so we can become a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy

In order to achieve the 30 year Economic Plan set by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, NZ businesses will have to tackle complex challenges. This will not happen overnight and cannot take forever either! 


How To Consulting are Business Transformation experts, passionate about helping Kiwi ingenuity thrive and lead the way.

What we do is proven to work and has driven outcomes that locked in performance improvements worth millions of dollars.


If you feel a spark of motivation, inquire today to achieve your goals.

What is Business Transformation and Who needs it?

Business Transformation is the introduction of fundamental change in one or all 3 business areas of People, Process and Technology with the purpose of delivering on the strategy and achieving the vision.

Everything is connected in an organisation. 

A compelling vision drives people's engagement. 

A clear strategy focuses people's effort.

Integrated systems and technology support operations.

Efficient processes link all of the above.

Shared learning moves it all forward. 

If you are planning a fundamental change or already are in the middle of one, don't think of it as "just a new software, role, process, methodology, way of working, [...]". Consider the relationships and knock on effects of change on all parts of your business and give us a call. we can help!

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The Methodology Behind Everything 

To better illustrate how we can help you, allow us to take you into the mind of the How To team.


We love solving difficult, complex, deemed 'unsolvable' problems.

To do that we need to understand how things really work first.

We research. Science is a great source, but we don't stop there.

We also look into our extensive professional experience - the good, the bad and especially the ugly. 


In this way, The How To process was born: trusted science combined with our lived experience.

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You may have heard that New Zealand listens to science, well at How To Consulting, we're in New Zealand and we also listen to science. Our tools are created using a scientific approach to expand your comfort zone in a sustainable way providing a stable environment to maximise progress and grow with confidence not fear. 

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Combing science with experience gives you the real 3D outcome.  It is like understanding the science behind G force for instance, and then experiencing it. At How To Consulting, we use our years of experience practicing across 4 continents to relate to our clients' journeys and support them through growth and success.    

The How To Process





Solution & Benefit Mapping


Commitment & Adoption


Capability Build

Our Solutions to accelerate your Business Transformation

We work with all size organisations and businesses whether they have just started or more established on the market.

We provide Business Transformation workshops, coaching programs and packaged solutions to cater to the various needs of our clients.

How To Consulting - For Me

I'm a Team of One, how can you help me?

First of all, Good on You! Running a young organisation or start-up is hard work and extra hard when you're doing it on your own.

We heard you and tailored our services to fit around your time and budget.

We can help you if you are missing:

  • a compelling vision

  • a clear plan of action and commitment

  • advanced executive capabilities

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I'm a Team of Many, how can you help me?

Whether you're a small, medium or large established business needing to go through a big change and need support or acceleration, get in touch with our team today.

We designed packaged solutions specifically supporting the 3 areas of People, Process and Technology.

We can help if you need to:

  • review or re-align you vision and values

  • introduce a people-centric change

  • independently diagnose an initiative

  • optimise your operational processes

  • get new technology/systems fully adopted

Get in touch


The How To Crew operates from Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Are you interested in working with us as a client or a partner - now that you know all about our mission, our methodology and our services?

Get in touch today we would love to get to know you.

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